About the book

With beautiful illustrations and poetic charm, Panda Mick is a modern ‘Happily Ever After’ tale that explores Mick’s journey, as he navigates through everyday life amidst a pandemic.

Prompted by the rapid life adjustments and struggles through COVID-19, author Catherine Aguilar yearned to bring light into the world and particularly to children, during a time of shared hardship and global crisis.

Catherine found it particularly challenging as a mother of two young children, expressing “it has been difficult to explain the Pandemic to my kids whilst also, adjusting to the obstacles and measures in place through the varied stages of lockdown”.

Residing in Victoria and as such, experiencing the ramifications of stage four restrictions first-hand, Catherine created the story of Panda Mick, with the sole desire to help young families confronted by similar difficulties.

“We are all affected by the Pandemic in some way” Catherine begins, “many lives have been lost and families are grieving, front-line health care professionals fighting the battle head on and others who have lost their jobs, leaving many feeling anxious about the future and truly struggling, emotionally”.

With a final message, Catherine concludes “I wanted to share our experience and help young children – the future of our world, by bringing faith and hope back into their lives, through the story of Panda Mick”.

For every hardback sold, you will be helping Foodbank provide four meals to those in need. To learn more about Foodbank Australia please visit https://www.foodbank.org.au

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book reviews

Samantha P.

“This book is beautifully written and well thought out and is essential for all families to have. It perfectly captures the perspective of children during such a stressful and challenging period. I cannot recommend this book enough for parents with young children who are struggling to put into words and explain to their children why they can’t see their friends, or why they have to keep a distance from people.

The text and beautiful illustrations work in harmony together. The images are warm, bright and engaging, and the message of the storyline is cleverly communicated through rhyming. The book serves as a vital educational tool, not only regarding the COVID-19 pandemic but reminding our children and other readers to be kind and considerate of the struggles everyone is facing. There will be grateful families whose lives are made easier because of this book – not only for now but for the years to come.”

Prisca S.

“There’s nothing better than a children’s book that first is relatable, not to mention entertaining, educational and one that RHYMES! It definitely ticks all the boxes, especially for a mum of two. This book guarantees to resonate with all children and parents as we deal with our current situation. A book that speaks to our children. One that is easy to understand, visually engaging and above all else, instilling a deeper meaning of life to our young ones.”

Marina D.

“What a fantastic book that is so much fun to read and is so skilfully written in such simple rhythmical language for children to engage and understand. Panda Mick reflects on the difficulties both adults and children are facing with the current pandemic, but it is reassuring to little ones that it will come to an end in time. The illustrations are eye-catching and entertaining and help to keep children engaged in the story.

As a frontline healthcare professional, I highly recommend Panda Mick as it’s such a great book that will help to reinforce the vital messages of what we all have to do to help stop the spread of the virus. Panda Mick also helps to put children’s minds at ease and bring them great happiness knowing that eventually this will come to end. Such a great story, I just love it.”

Margaret S.

“What a wonderful book. Lana absoloutely loved it, and really loved Panda. She was engaged and asked lots of questions. It was very easy to read and understand. The Illustrations are beautiful, colourful and bright – a great way for any parent struggling to explain to their children what is currently happening in the world. We hope to see more Panda adventures soon!”

Kathleen R.

“I enjoyed reading this book with my children. It is a beautiful story with creative illustrations that brings the book to life. The story explores the realities of living in a pandemic, through the eyes of a panda, making it easy for children to understand and relate to. I love the way the author is sending a message of hope for the future and aims to help those in need, by donating a portion of the proceeds of the book sale to foodbank”.